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Owning two production bases and strategically associating with two partners, we are in a very good position to supply a full range of drilling consumables, including the following major five categories:

1, Top hammer (TH) drilling tools: Integral drill rods, Tapered drill rods, Tapered drill bits, Extension rods, MF rods, Threaded button bits, Shank adapters, Coupling sleeves;

2, Down the hole (DTH) drilling tools: DTH hammers, DTH button bits, DTH drill pipes, Eccentric casing drilling systems, Symmetric casing drilling systems, RC (reverse circulation) hammers, RC button bits, RC drill pipes, etc.

3, Self drilling anchor tools: R thread self drilling rock bolts, T thread self drilling rock bolts, Couplers, anchor bits, Hex. Nuts, Spherical nuts, Spacers, Steel plates.

4, Diamond exploration drilling tools: Drill rods, Casings, Core bits, Reaming shells, Core barrels, Overshots, Water swivels, etc.

5, Rotary drilling tools: 3 wings step drag bits, 3 wings chevron drag bits, 4 wings step drag bits, 4 wings chevron drag bits, Milled tooth tricone bits, Tungsten carbide tricone bits, etc.

Thanks for our reliable quality and competitive price, we are now supplying our products and service to more than 80 countries as below:

In Asia                                             

Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Oman, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Qatar, Malaysia, Israel, Iran, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Cyprus, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan

In South America

Columbia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador

In Europe                                          

France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Russia, Republic of Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia

In North America

Canada, America, Mexico

In Africa                                            

South Africa, Zambia, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Ghana, Tanzania

In Oceania

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea