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SINODRILLS QL60-171mm DTH Button Bit Test in U.S.A.

2014-09-09 16:55:28
Place: U.S.A.
Date: In January, 2014.
DTH Drill Rig Model: DM45 HP & DML
DTH Hammer Model: SINODRILLS QL60 quick hammer
Rock Formation: Rock conditions vary widely, from mild rock (not very abrasive) to very hard and very abrasive.

DTH Button Bits Configurations: QL60 171mm, 10 gauge buttons x 18mm, 10 face buttons x 18mm, two flushing holes


                         New bits                                                                       After 18 times sharpening

Our three pieces of QL60 171mm button bits had been tested from the 7th to 20th of January, as below, it was the summary for the drilling test.

As below, it was our # 1 bit detailed drilling record from the site.

Remarks: Red box: with SINODRILLS brand QL60 quick hammer, 0.68 m/Min average speed;
Yellow box: with world famous brand A QL60 shank hammer, 0.55 m/Min average speed.


As below, it was the summary from the site manager about SINODRILLS DTH button bits: