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We moved to our new office

2014-09-16 09:59:08


In order to meet our business expansion, on March 7th, 2014, we moved to our new office which is more than 600 square meters. It is located in the downtown of Guiyang city and very close to the largest urban forest park in Guizhou province.

Due to this, now our mailing address has changed as below: 
16F,Xiongjun international building, Weiqing Road, Guiyang 550003,Guizhou,China.

At the same time, our old office will always keeps open as a branch, and our all telephone numbers and fax numbers remain the same as below: 
Telephone number: 86-851-6800738 | 6821268 | 6821628; 
Fax number: 86-851-6830552;

Moving into this new office is a new and big event for our all SINODRILLERs, which was not only a new milestone, but also a new start for us. In this larger and spacious new office, we all members will work harder and more efficiently. We cordially invite you to visit us at your any time, we will show you around our company and our factories.

sinodrills office
SINODRILLS' new office
sinodrills' business hall
Buiness Hall
sinodrills' meeting room

Meeting Room

sinodrills showroom