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Diamond Core Bits

Diamond Core Bits
We can offer both impregnated diamond core bits and surface set diamond core bits.
Impregnated diamond core bits are the most commonly used bits in the mineral exploration because they have the widest range of application for different rocks.The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamonds are distributed in the depth of impregnated core bit’s matrix series. The matrix layer of the crown contains a uniform disribution of these crystals that are embedded in a powered metal bond. The matrix of our impregnated core bits is designed to expose new diamonds to the bits’ cutting face as wear occurs. Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action. Our impregnated core bits are manufactured to give optimum penetraction reates and life cycle, which is required to keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum.
Surface set diamond core bits are with a singular layer of natural or synthetic diamonds utilizing a hard matrix compound on the face of core bits. The diamond set design ensures sufficient overlap to prevent premature wear of the matrix. Surface set diamond core bits are primarily recommended for using in drilling relative soft, abrasive, unconsolidated formations that are not effectively drilled by impregnated diamond core bits.They are also recommended for using in drilling harder formations where the available rotational speeds and bits loads are insufficient to use impregnated diamond core bits due to special drilling conditions.
For both impregnated diamond core bits and surface set diamond core bits, our available sizes are as below:.
Wireline series: A,B,N,H,P/B-3,N-2,N-3,N-TT,H-3,H-TT,P-3,P-TT;
T2 series: T2 46,T2 56,T2 66,T2 76,T2 86,T2 101;
T6 series: T6 76,T6 86,T6 101,T6 116,T6 131,T6 146, T6S 101,T6S 116;
T series: T36,T46,T56,T66,T76,T86;
Z series: Z46,Z56,Z66,Z76,Z86,Z101,Z116,Z131,Z146;
B series: B36,B46,B56,B66,B76,B86,B101,B116,B131,B146;

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