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We, Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., LTD, are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of various high quality rock drilling tools widely used for mining, quarrying, construction, tunneling, oil (gas) driling, construction and civil engineering . Established in 2002, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products quality while reducing the cost by combining with state of the art design, selected premium raw materials ,advanced workshop and highly skilled workforce. We carry a comprehensive range of rock drilling tools including TH(top hammer) drilling tools, DTH( down the hole) drilling tools, diamond exploration drilling tools, SDA(self drilling anchor) tools and rotary drilling tools( drag bits and tricone bits).Thanks to excellent quality and competitive price, our products have been exported to 78 countries till 2012, especially in some european countries and North America countries, we share a good market....More.

  • Threaded Button Bit
    Threaded button bit
    Threaded button bits are widely used for mining, quarrying, construction ,tunneling and civil engineering.....More.
  • DTH Button Bit
    DTH button bit
    DTH button bits are widely used for mining,quarrying, construction, civil engineering and water well drilling......More.
  • DTH Hammer
    DTH hammers
    DTH hammers are widely used for mining, quarrying, construction, civil engineering and water well drilling.....More.
  • Drag Bits
    Drag Bits
    Drag bits head design: three wings drag bits, four ways drag bits, step drag bits, chevron drag bits;Drag bits diameter...More.
  • Self Drilling Rock Bolt
    Self drilling rock bolts
    Self drilling rock bolting system is a very up-to-date, reliable and high efficiency anchoring system which is widely used for tunneling bolting ,...More.
  • Diamond Core Bit
    Diamond core bits
    We can offer both impregnated diamond core bits and surface set diamond core bits....More.
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